1. Chente Barrera - Amor Vedadero
  2. Chente Barrera - Copa Tras Copa
  3. Chente Barrera - La Llorona Loca featuring Jay Perez
  4. Chente Barrera - Celos featuring Robert "Pato" Barrera
  5. Chente Barrera - Tejano Star Spangled Banner (Dedication To Our Armed Forces)
Chente Barrera Biography Pic

Chente Barrera's biography:

His home is in a small town south of San Antonio, Losoya, Texas; where he has come to be known as the next Tejano star of a new generation. It is not the place where many know neither what a Grammy winner looks like nor what it represents, much less realize that it would be a place where Chente Barrera's "Music Lessons", a collection of songs featuring some great guest artists, would be conceived. Heck, it's probably the only small town where an independent record label like Q-Vo Records exists. Yet, Barrera is there living life, working, writing and touring to make a name for him self because it is a wonderful place to call home. They know Chente by name.

This story unfolds in the music: Tejano, Country, Swing, Shuffle, Americana, Conjunto, Tex-Mex, and Heavy Metal Rock — music knows no boundaries. Barreling out of the Lone Star state with his new "Music Lessons" is the latest bold move from the charismatic singer/songwriter who strives to be as innovative as he is authentic. "These guys on the recording, I've lived with and learned from and will always admire them for their craft. Their inspiration is my motivation, and for years it's been sitting in my soul, so I put it down all at once." "Music Lessons" features a cast of characters and savory flavors that range from a Big Band orchestral sound to the most basic melodic vibe of Roots Music.

There's no such thing as overnight sensations in Losoya, Texas, as Barrera catapulted from a childhood marked with humble beginnings and struggled to the heights of jubilation having accomplished what most celebrities in the music business only dream of – the accolade of a GRAMMY. Recognized as Best Tejano Album for 2007, A GRAMMY rests on a mantel as testament of an earned degree of musical respect. If that wasn't enough, back home they honored him with the Song of the Year category at the 2007 Tejano Music Awards ceremony. It is difficult to question Barrera's commitment, not for the accolades garnered but for the tenacity and passion to his mission – to create the best Tejano music of the time.

As an accomplished drummer/singer/songwriter Barrera continues to conquer his vocal expressions with enthusiasm and respect from his musical peers. Considered by many a thoroughbred in his league because of the powerful delivery in performing, recording and songwriting groove, Barrera is no doubt special. Crowned for his expressive and accessibility to collaborate with others has made him even stronger and landed a creative space to discover other talents beyond his own musicianship. "I'm constantly seeking out others to join my force in combining music with music business. The time has come to grab change by the throat and get on with the next ten years of my career at many levels. It's important to me to venture out beyond my comfort zone."

"We're ready to fill a void where one exists, play casinos across the country where Tejano lives, or jump on the music charts and hold steady on for several weeks – whatever it takes. We're investing wholeheartedly on behalf of Tejano music with our twenty plus years equity until we find victory." Measuring "the fight in the dog" Barrera is no chihuahua, but a warrior ready to surrender only to the whims of his culture. His journey began as a youngster exposed to the raw stages of Tejano music by his parents; with his late father's vocal performances as lead vocalist of now famed David Lee Garza y Los Musicales. Pato Barrera lives on in his son's spirit and every milestone is always shared in his honor. "Celos" found in his Puro Taconazo album, is a song Barrera recorded by combining his own tracks with old vocal tracks, found of his late father, and mixed through the magic of technology. Now that's a duet with deep harmony written all over it.

Looking at the horizon, Tejano music is well in hand in a hamlet south of San Antonio. Neighbor, and favorite son Chente Barrera, is building a road to forever — literally and artistically. Through the miles and highways he has traveled, Barrera's vision is focused on the big picture and one that finds him on the verge of greatness. "Music Lessons" is evidence enough that "higher learning has its rewards."